What do I do about missing data on Derogatis tests?
The scoring program will adjust for missing data. There are some general rules that each scoring program follows. If too many items are missing in certain sections an information message will inform you that your tests is not valid. For more info on scoring rules please contact us at contactus@derogatis-tests.com.
What do I do if I lost my password?
Procede to the link below or click on the login button and then the forgot password link. Type in your username and then click the Get Password button, an email reminder will be sent to the admin's email account. For further questions please call 1-800-245-0277.
Is there a way to speed up data entry?
There are two ways to enter item values. You can use the drop down box for each item value. The other method is to go to the first item box and click the mouse to reveal the values in the drop down box. Enter the correct value for item 1 from the keyboard, not the mouse, then hit the tab key again. You will automatically be sent to the next item box. Enter the correct value from the keyboard and hit the tab key again. Continue this method until you have completed the data entry for the specific test or domain.
What exactly do the 3 buttons at the top of every scoring results page do?
1).Print Button: This button will send a print job to your local computer printer. The difference between this print button and the browser print button is, this print button just prints the page with the results, whereas the browser print button prints the entire site.
2). Excel Button: This button will convert your scoring results into an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet opens in a seperate browser window, which you can go to File/Save As and save it to your local machine.
3). Derogatis CSV Button: This button is for the users who have purchased the Derogatis Database Builder product. This button will allow the user to download a comma delimeted file to their desktop with the results of the scoring. After the user is finished scoring all the tests, they can then launch the Derogatis Database Builder product and combine all the CSV files into one organized Excel file. For more information on the Derogatis Builder product please contact us.
What type of connection speeds are needed to score a test?
Any connection is capable of scoring on the tests, but there is no promise that your connection speed will be enough to do some of the calculations need on some of the tests. The ideal connection would be a DSL/Cable connection or anything higher like a T1 line. Dialup connection can be used but we have known cases of the user timing out on there connection do to low connection speeds. Please contact us with any questions.
What happens if I lose my login information while I am scoring a tests?
This will only occur if you have been on-line for an excessive amount of time. Unfortunately from the time you login your information must be stored on the server, but excessive times on the site is known to cause the variables to clean up, basically meaning we lost your login information. Unfortunately this is uncontrolable. We apologize for any inconvenience and would gladly credit you a scoring if this occurs while you are scoring. Contact us with any questions regarding this issue.
What type of Browser should I be using?
We have tested and prefer that our users use IE Browser version 5 or higher. If this is not possible, then please contact us and we can direct you in the proper direction.
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